Who We Are

SocialHR.com ® has a team of professionals with experience and expertise in online job advertising and recruiting and are passionate about online social networking. We believe social networking is not just for fun or making friends, it can be valuable for businesses and companies to recruit the best candidates.

Companies, big or small, should have a strategy in taking advantage of today's most popular social networking sites for recruitment and marketing. The traditional way of job advertising on job boards may no longer be good enough to find some of the best candidates who may not currently be on the job market. Finding and connecting those professionals now become easier as they become more accessible through the online social networking.

Use of social networking sites is usually free. However, it can take a lot of time and efforts to get connected with and build a right professional network, engage with them and remain active in the online community. SocialRecruit.com is your solution for outsourcing the social media tasks.

We have been helping employers and job seekers to find a good match for the past decade. We believe the new media will create new opportunities and new approaches for both job seekers and employers.